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City of Houston

It is our honor to serve the City of Houston in their time of need. We are pleased to assist our customers 24/7 with all fire, water and mold restoration issues. 

SERVPRO's Annual Christmas Party

Christmas is such an exciting time of the year! SERVPRO’s annual Christmas party was filled with holiday spirit as all employees joined together to enjoy games, gifts and great food!

St. Patrick's Day

SERVPRO loves celebrating the holidays! We honored St. Patrick’s Day with these beautiful green and orange SERVPRO cookies! They were not only pretty and festive but they were also absolutely delicious! 


During the holidays, SERVPRO always has special visitors come into the office and spread holiday cheer! We are so thankful for our amazing SERVPRO Heroes and their awesome holiday decorations!

2018 Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl

SERVPRO had the amazing opportunity to give recognition to Firefighter Paramedic, Jason Kendall, for his heroic service to the City of Houston at the 2018 Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl!

2018 Academy Sports + outdoors Texas Bowl

SERVPRO was fortunate to honor Firefighter Paramedic Jason Kendall alongside Houston City Council member Jack Christie, City of Houston Assistant Police Chief James Jones, City of Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña, and Director of No Town Left Behind Kimberly Goreham.

Water Damage Hotel Room

This room suffered from significant water damage. The flooring was removed along with all the belongings.  SERVPRO responded and began the mitigation process.  The room was dried and rebuilt back to normal conditions. 

Commercial Property Water Loss

After a pipe break, there was multiple rooms that suffered from water loss.  There was significant water standing in the floor.  SERVPRO responded and began mitigation procedures.  They were able to dry the floor and quickly rebuild the affected areas. 

Commercial Water Loss

The disaster relief team is ready for any size disaster in your area for restoration emergency.  The team can respond quickly with professional drying equipment to restore your property quickly back to normal conditions. Our team is experienced in water, storm, fire and mold remediation. Contact us anytime 24/7/365.

Commercial Loss in Texas

This is a commercial loss in Texas.  SERVPRO responded with a team who took care of the emergency quickly.  They got all the water removed from the building and air movers down to dry the area quick.  The drywall damaged was tore out and reconstruction started. 

Flooded Restaurant in Conroe, TX

The flooding of this restaurant had closed it down for a couple of days. Many small businesses don't have a restoration plan in place after a disaster meaning that they could be closed down for a lot longer. Call SERVPRO of The Woodlands/Conroe to talk about having an Emergency Response Plan for you business.

Leaky Pipe in The Woodlands TX Business

A leaky pipe under this raised floor was the cause of some foul smelling odor. It wasn't a bad leak but overtime the smell coming from the floor was unbearable and needed to be cleaned and sanitized.

Storm Damage in Houston

Storms can back up sewers and drains which end up flooding businesses. This building was covered in the filthy flood water and needed a good cleaning. SERVPRO of The Woodlands/Conroe was happy to help them get the issue cleaned.

Large Loss Water Damage

When it comes to large buildings it is more productive to use big equipment. It may scare a facility manager at first but the cost is much higher when having to use a lot of little equipment vs large commercial loss equipment.

Rayford Texas Mold House

The mold in this home was due to too much moisture coming off the air conditioner. Water is the only element missing in a home. The mold spores and cellulose are already present, as soon as water is introduced the mold will begin to grow.

Broken Pipe Leads to Mold Damage

The overhead water line broke in this commercial building leaving at the ceiling very wet. When drywall gets wet it can start growing mold within 24 hours. It is important to start the drying process on day one of a loss to keep mold from growing.

Moldy Furniture in Home

This home had a water heater malfunction that left gallons of water in the home. Unfortunately, the homeowners were on vacation which allowed the mold to grow while they were gone. All the furniture and belongings started growing mold and needed to be removed.

Most will be cleaned and disinfected but anything porous will need to be replaced as the mold will always be rooted there.

Fire Damage in Houston Elementary School

Fire is very devastating and this school received the full effect. This picture shows all that was going on throughout the school. Smoke and soot damage, bubbling paint, and water from the firefighters. Had we arrived any later we might have seen mold too.

Soot Runs from Smoke and Water Damage

When there is a lot of smoke in a building it will leave soot behind. This picture is actually the soot after the firefighters had come into the school to put out the fire. The water caused streaks all along the walls.

Commercial Flooding

Flood waters can carry many contaminates and bacteria. Insurance companies allow for porous materials that were affected by flooding to be removed entirely. Here only the metal studs are standing in preparation for the restoration process to begin.

Flooding in Theater

These tubes are pumping hot dry air into the auditoriums of this theater. The flood water pooled at the bottom of these rooms. Once the water was pumped out the hot air was pumped in to get the place dry quickly.

Storm Water in Commercial Closet, Egypt TX

This Egypt Texas business had flooding come in from the recent storms. The water moved the shelving around causing their contents to spill. The cardboard was also taking on water due to the humidity causing them to lose tensile strength and fall.

Emergency Response Team

SERVPRO of The Woodlands Conroe has a team ready for any disaster. Our Semi Truck is always full of equipment during the stormy seasons to respond to damaged properties such as this theater.

Electronics Cleaning after Smoke Damage

Some types of smoke are more acidic depending on the materials that had burned. If electronics were damaged by smoke they should be cleaned thoroughly or the acid will break down metals and plastics inside the devise. 

What happens to all the stuff after a fire?

After the fire is out all the stuff, known as contents, are cleaned and stored. In most cases they are stored offsite at the SERVPRO facility until they can be replaced in the home or business after it is clean.

Fire and Water Damage in Conroe Texas

After a fire we often find that much of the structure and contents have water damage. The water could have come from fire sprinklers or from the firefighters. In either case SERVPRO has the training to cleanup after both.

Warehouse Fire in The Woodlands, TX

Many businesses must close after a fire because of the soot and odor that is left behind. SERVPRO of The Woodlands/Conroe works really hard for businesses to be cleaned and operational as quickly as possible.

Commercial Equipment for Commercial Losses

The large 5000 CFM Desiccant is a workhorse when drying commercial properties.

The humidity from evaporation needs to be removed quickly to keep mold from growing within the property. The desiccant moves 5000 cubic feet of air per minute from inside the property keeping the moisture levels normalized during evaporation.

Commercial Mold Damage, The Woodlands, TX

Visible mold is a sign that that there has been a water leak. The leaks can be caused from a pipe break or a roof leak. No matter the cause it is important to have a mold cleaned up according to IICRC Standards.

Storm Response

Our SERVPRO is ready for whatever storm happens in The Woodland and Conroe areas.

Storm flooding can affect many homes. We have extra equipment to help during these times to help families from having to wait too long to receive relief.

Ceiling Containment

SERVPRO of Woodlands/Conroe wants to assure our customers are healthy. All of our technicians attend classes from the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC specifies how to use containments to assure there is no cross contamination of germs or bacteria that result from a sewage loss.

Humidity Damage

This Houston area business has a flood after a broken pipe. The picture shows the flooded tool room with a cement floor. Cement can hold onto a lot of water which will evaporate slowly causing a humidity spike in the warehouse. High humidity can cause damage to tools either through rust or swelling depending on how the tool is made. SERVPRO of Woodlands/Conroe has the experience to extract the excess water from flooding and placing dehumidifiers that will keep the humidity levels at a normal temperature. Drying out too quickly can also damage tools that need normal moisture levels to function. The normalization of humidity is the key to  keeping a warehouse free from extra damage after a flood.

SERVPRO Extreme Response Team is proud to announce our vendor contract

SERVPRO Extreme Response Team is pleased to inform you that SERVPRO was accepted by the National Cooperative Purchase Agreement (NCPA) in the "Fire and Water Disaster Restoration” category as a vendor.

Visit their website …

SERVPRO is also partners with …

TIPS Purchasing Cooperative. The Interlocal Purchasing System, ( TIPS ) Serving Region 8 Education Service Center (ESC).

ABIA Emergency Flood Service

The Austin flooding in early November knocked out ABIA flight service. The base of the Control Tower Environmental Building was covered with over a foot of water, as was the training facility. There was immense pressure to get the airport back online. As flights were being rerouted through Houston, SERVPRO of Woodlands/Conroe Large Loss Extreme Team fleet arrived on the scene with heavy duty equipment to begin the water extraction. A trailer mounted generator, water pump, and desiccant dehumidifier immediately started to work. Our SERVPRO's "Large Loss Extreme Team," a vendor for the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA), proudly completed the flood damage restoration ahead of schedule. The team efforts lead to an operational FAA Tower in only five days. We can also help you. Call us for any fire, water, or flood emergency 24/7 and we will respond immediately. (281) 219-8180

The Houston MMSC Emergency Flood Response

The City of Houston Metropolitan Multi-Service Center (MMSC) at West Gray St. was flooded from a major 6" water main failure. The entire floor was covered with water that lifted the tile flooring in the main lobby and extensively damaged the basketball gym hardwood surface. This major flood damaging event forced officials to cut off electricity for safety concerns. The SERVPRO of Woodlands/Conroe Large Loss Extreme Team responded promptly. The fleet of trailers packed with standard emergency equipment, along with trailers mounted with a water pump, desiccant dehumidifier, and a massive diesel generator rapidly initiated water extraction. By working non-stop the "Large Loss Extreme Team" mitigated water damage to the structure and the flooring. This valuable city asset that caters to disabled citizens re-opened as quickly as was possible. We proudly serve our local communities. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster. Please call (281) 219-8180

The Stayton Retirement Condo

The Stayton is an assisted care, retirement condominium association with around the clock supervision and medical staff. This beautiful building wasvictimized by flooding due to a burst supply line on an upper floor. This eight-story and 60,000 sq. ft. building sustained extreme water damage. The SERVPRO of Woodlands/Conroe Large Loss Extreme Team promptly arrived after the call went out and quickly set out to remove the water. We coordinated the drying of carpeting, repairing, and replacement of ceiling tiles, all within a six-day period. Our "Large Loss Extreme Team was proud and happy to alleviate as must stress as possible from the senior residents and restore their building "Like it never even happened." We are always ready 24/7 to help if the need arises. (281) 219-8180

San Marcos Memorial Day Flooding

The San Marcos area flooding over Memorial Day Week End will long be remembered.

This wide-spread water damaging event left widespread devastation in its wake. The SERVPRO of Woodlands/Conroe Large Loss Extreme Team's fleet once again arrived quickly for removing the unwanted water from this 40,000 sq. ft. office building. Extracting 3-feet high standing water took all the heavy duty water pumps and sump pumps we possessed as we rushed to limit the effects of the water damage. Our team then proceeded to remove destroyed drywall, insulation, and ceiling tiles before restoring this flood-damaged office building and reopening the doors in only six days! We are proud of our "Large Loss Extreme Team" and of the local communities that we serve. Be prepared for future flooding and keep us in mind for help. As water and storm damage specialists, we offer 24-Hour Emergency Service. Just call us for help. (281) 219-8180

Houston Water Damage Cleanup

SERVPRO of The Woodlands–Conroe has equipment to extract the water damage in this basement. The crew responded quickly with the latest equipment and techniques available. SERVPRO of The Woodlands–Conroe is ready to help 24/7. Please call (281) 219-8180

Drying Equipment For Use in Houston Flood Damage

SERVPRO of The Woodlands–Conroe use specialized equipment to handle flood damage in Houston. They employ the latest water extraction equipment, Industrial air movers, and dehumidifiers. The SERVPRO of The Woodlands–Conroe is ready to help 24/7. Please call (281) 219-8180

Family Room Suffers Houston Fire Damage

This job required SERVPRO of The Woodlands–Conroe to utilize an array of their expertise and sophisticated equipment to mitigate this fire damage in Houston. The entire process from water extraction due to the fire fighting to the final build out and move in was handled by SERVPRO. As the photo shows we were extremely proud of the final product. SERVPRO of The Woodlands–Conroe is ready to help 24/7. Please call (281)219-8180.

Source of Houston Mold was a Hidden Leak

Weeks went by before this Houston Mold damage was discovered. This home required water damage repair and mold remediation. SERVPRO of The Woodlands–Conroe provided those services and a complete restoration. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency. Call (281) 219-8180.

Houston Storm Damage

Heavy winds and rain from Houston storm damage breached the roof and subsequently the ceiling in this home. Water Damage mitigation and restoration was required. The homeowner selected SERVPRO of The Woodlands- Conroe because they are restoration specialists with substantial training and experience. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency. Call (281) 219-8180.


As we hitch up our trailers and pull down the zippers our Tyvek jumpsuits. We wish our best to the people of Louisiana. We truly appreciate the opportunity to come in and make a difference for not just one but for all. As representatives under one roof, we joined together as one to aid in relief during disaster. Along with the experience, we gain much appreciation for life. With much gratitude we enjoying bringing life back to those displaced. Special Thank you to our now lifelong friends at The Dixie RV & Jubin’s Crossing Movie Tavern. We Thank You Louisiana!