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Standing water in a commercial bathroom.

Heavy Rains Damage a Houston Business

Recent heavy rains in Houston resulted in a ton of damage to this local business. The commercial facility is quite large and the water spread across several rooms. 

It Is Important To Use Large Loss Equipment after a Commercial Loss

Our SERVPRO team quickly responded and began pumping out the standing water. To quickly extract the water, our team uses powerful water pumps. Our commercial loss equipment are essential for large losses in the Houston area.

Drying equipment on a hair salon floor.

The Urgency Is High After A Loss in Your Small Business

This local hair salon in Houston, TX, called our SERVPRO of The Woodlands/Conroe team late one Thursday evening after a water leak had occurred inside the salon.

Water Leak in Houston Hair Salon

If your small business suffers from a water loss, the urgency to get the damage taken care of is high. Our SERVPRO team is always on standby and ready to respond. We will work hard to mitigate the damage as quickly as possible so that your small business can be open as usual again.

Team member extracting water in office.

Large Loss Equipment For Large Loss Mitigation

When mitigating larger water damage events in your Houston business, it is important to use the proper equipment. We use powerful water extraction equipment to quickly remove all the water left behind after a loss!

Air movers drying a wall.

Pipe Burst After Ice Storm in Houston

The recent ice storm lead to significant damage all across the Houston area. This business in The Woodlands area suffered from a pipe burst. Our SERVPRO of The Woodlands/Conroe team was quickly there to take care of the water damage!

Disaster recovery team trailer!

Disaster Recovery in Egypt, TX

There is no size water, fire, or mold loss that is too large for our SERVPRO of The Woodlands/Conroe team to handle! Our Disaster Recovery experts have the experience and equipment necessary to make your Egypt, TX, damage seem "Like it never even happened."

service worker sanitizing work truck

Cleaning and Sanitization Services

SERVPRO of The Woodlands/Conroe is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call about our cleaning and disinfection services today!

Team member in PPE in an office.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Woodlands, TX

Contact SERVPRO of The Woodlands/Conroe today for a free quote if you are in need of commercial cleaning and sanitation in Woodlands, TX! We are the #1 choice for both cleanup and restoration and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Commercial Property Water Loss

After a pipe break, there was multiple rooms that suffered from water loss.  There was significant water standing in the floor.  SERVPRO responded and began mitigation procedures.  They were able to dry the floor and quickly rebuild the affected areas. 

Commercial Water Loss

The disaster relief team is ready for any size disaster in your area for restoration emergency.  The team can respond quickly with professional drying equipment to restore your property quickly back to normal conditions. Our team is experienced in water, storm, fire and mold remediation. Contact us anytime 24/7/365.

Commercial Loss in Texas

This is a commercial loss in Texas.  SERVPRO responded with a team who took care of the emergency quickly.  They got all the water removed from the building and air movers down to dry the area quick.  The drywall damaged was tore out and reconstruction started. 

Commercial Flooding

Flood waters can carry many contaminates and bacteria. Insurance companies allow for porous materials that were affected by flooding to be removed entirely. Here only the metal studs are standing in preparation for the restoration process to begin.

Flooding in Theater

These tubes are pumping hot dry air into the auditoriums of this theater. The flood water pooled at the bottom of these rooms. Once the water was pumped out the hot air was pumped in to get the place dry quickly.

Emergency Response Team

SERVPRO of The Woodlands Conroe has a team ready for any disaster. Our Semi Truck is always full of equipment during the stormy seasons to respond to damaged properties such as this theater.

Commercial Equipment for Commercial Losses

The large 5000 CFM Desiccant is a workhorse when drying commercial properties.

The humidity from evaporation needs to be removed quickly to keep mold from growing within the property. The desiccant moves 5000 cubic feet of air per minute from inside the property keeping the moisture levels normalized during evaporation.

SERVPRO Extreme Response Team is proud to announce our vendor contract

SERVPRO Extreme Response Team is pleased to inform you that SERVPRO was accepted by the National Cooperative Purchase Agreement (NCPA) in the "Fire and Water Disaster Restoration” category as a vendor.

Visit their website …

SERVPRO is also partners with …

TIPS Purchasing Cooperative. The Interlocal Purchasing System, ( TIPS ) Serving Region 8 Education Service Center (ESC).

The Houston MMSC Emergency Flood Response

The City of Houston Metropolitan Multi-Service Center (MMSC) at West Gray St. was flooded from a major 6" water main failure. The entire floor was covered with water that lifted the tile flooring in the main lobby and extensively damaged the basketball gym hardwood surface. This major flood damaging event forced officials to cut off electricity for safety concerns. The SERVPRO of Woodlands/Conroe Large Loss Extreme Team responded promptly. The fleet of trailers packed with standard emergency equipment, along with trailers mounted with a water pump, desiccant dehumidifier, and a massive diesel generator rapidly initiated water extraction. By working non-stop the "Large Loss Extreme Team" mitigated water damage to the structure and the flooring. This valuable city asset that caters to disabled citizens re-opened as quickly as was possible. We proudly serve our local communities. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster. Please call (281) 219-8180

The Stayton Retirement Condo

The Stayton is an assisted care, retirement condominium association with around the clock supervision and medical staff. This beautiful building wasvictimized by flooding due to a burst supply line on an upper floor. This eight-story and 60,000 sq. ft. building sustained extreme water damage. The SERVPRO of Woodlands/Conroe Large Loss Extreme Team promptly arrived after the call went out and quickly set out to remove the water. We coordinated the drying of carpeting, repairing, and replacement of ceiling tiles, all within a six-day period. Our "Large Loss Extreme Team was proud and happy to alleviate as must stress as possible from the senior residents and restore their building "Like it never even happened." We are always ready 24/7 to help if the need arises. (281) 219-8180