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The Importance of SERVPRO's Always Available Rapid Response Teams

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

Green  van When calamity strikes at any hour, contact SERVPRO for prompt service.
When any business suffers a structural disaster, the speed with which a team of fix-it professionals can begin making repairs is critical. An ability to handle the problem with haste is important to reducing damage. Therefore, having a 24 hour, round-the-clock restoration team available is a huge advantage. Here are some things worth knowing about SERVPRO’s rapid response abilities.

Elements of SERVPRO’s Speediness

Because they are designed with timeliness in mind, you should expect:

  • Emergency calls to receive a response within an hour
  • Fast site arrivals, a benefit of their more than 1,700 North American locations
  • Inspections completed within 4 hours
  • Briefings delivered within 8 hours

Whether the problem stems from water, fire, or mold, SERVPRO’s fast response makes them a preferred vendor for most insurance agencies. Being always open means repairs can begin even in the middle of the night. That’s the power of SERVPRO’s 24-hour service.

Importance of SERVPRO’s Speediness
Imagine an office in Egypt, TX, experiences a broken pipe or natural flooding. The longer it takes to clean up, the greater the level of destruction. Within minutes, water can seep into drywall, carpeting, and filing cabinets. Additionally, computers and other electronic equipment are likely to be ruined.
Within a day, additional issues may surface. Metal can begin to tarnish. Cubicle walls may become compromised and need to be thrown away. A distracting, unpleasant smell could start to develop.
Between two days and a week after the incident, mold may start growing. Wood floors might begin warping. Contaminated water will have probably spread, posing a health risk to employees. The cost of building rehabilitation will have grown exponentially.
Water damage is just one scenario where the passage of time compounds problems. The same level of increased trouble occurs when delaying action under other scenarios.
Having a 24-hour team available to react to the most common types of office disasters is a true advantage. When calamity strikes at any hour, contact SERVPRO for prompt service.

How to Pick PPE for Mold Cleanup

7/31/2022 (Permalink)

A professional disinfector in overalls processes the walls from mold with a spatula. Protect yourself while cleaning mold

You Know How Basements Often Have "That" Smell?

It's a little damp, a little musty, but all basements smell like that, right? They can because of the amount of moisture found in basements, but they really shouldn't if you're controlling moisture effectively. However, maybe you've discovered a leaking pipe or window in Conroe, TX, and now there is mold damage in your basement to clean up ASAP. Before you start, you need the correct personal protective equipment or PPE. Depending on the extent of cleanup, you will require different PPE to keep you safe. The EPA has a great guide that categorizes cleanup as:

  • Minimum
  • Limited
  • Full

For minimum cleanup, the affected area should not be greater than ten square feet. Face masks, such as N-95 respirators, are necessary, plus goggles or some form of eye protection, and gloves. N-95 respirators prevent you from inhaling mold spores while you're cleaning.

In a limited cleanup, you need to wear the same PPE you would wear for a minimum cleanup project — face masks, goggles, and gloves — and you should add overalls that protect your clothing. A limited cleanup area should not exceed 100 square feet. For a project of this size, it would be best to contact a mold remediation specialist to ensure that you do, in fact, have the proper materials and PPE to tackle the project. A smaller area can still have a large quantity of mold, and it is important to ensure that you can complete the job completely to avoid future problems.

A full cleanup project requires heavy-duty protective equipment to handle mold damage. You will need a full-face mask with a respirator, gloves, shoe coverings, head covering, and disposable clothing. For a project like this, it is strongly recommended to contact a professional for help.
Face masks aren't the only piece of protection that you need when cleaning up mold in your home. It is important to consider the extent of the mold damage before beginning so you can protect yourself appropriately.

How SERVPRO Benefits Insurance Adjusters and Clients

6/28/2022 (Permalink)

Technician using a vacuum extractor on a soaked carpet floor. You can have peace of mind by working with a restoration company with IICRC validation.

How SERVPRO Benefits Insurance Adjusters and Clients

Your job as an insurance adjuster is to serve your New Caney, TX, clients quickly and professionally. You work hard to ensure each claim is completed on time while keeping costs down. SERVPRO is a preferred vendor for many agencies because the company has been building relationships with insurance companies for decades.

National Accounts Guidelines
Each location around the country must meet specific standards. They include:

  • Background checks for employees
  • Internal audits for quality assurance
  • Proof of work with completed job files

Insurance adjusters and professional restoration company employees need step-by-step, transparent communication. It is also part of the guidelines for national accounts.
National Accounts Managers are the point of contact for insurance professionals. They can walk you through the claims process and answer any questions.

IICRC Participation
The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is a nonprofit organization. It upholds the standards of the restoration industry and helps shape its policies. You can have peace of mind by working with a restoration company with IICRC validation.

Franchisee Training
Locations around the country participate in regional and national training. Restoration and insurance industry professionals learn mitigation, reconstruction and restoration skills at a national training facility. The training process is part of the company's commitment to excellence.
New franchisees participate in a 15-day training program for owners. Employees can also take part in self-paced restoration and cleaning courses. Whether they learn as new employees or continue their education, the company provides classes for them.
The business offers classes year-round as part of an IICRC Training School. Courses cover techniques including water and fire restoration and drying techniques.

Support for Your Client's Insurance Claim
Working with a preferred vendor can help you, the insurance adjuster, serve your clients better. Partnering with a company with decades of experience can help you complete the claims process efficiently and stay within budget.

Advantages of SERVPRO's Electronic Claims and Commitment To Quality

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

Tablet and cel phone. SERVPRO’s electronic customer files are troves of essential data.

SERVPRO's Electronic Claims

If your office suffers structural damage from a storm, fire or another disaster, filing an insurance claim should be less stressful than executing repairs. Choose SERVPRO for a team of masterful rebuilding experts that can return your place of business in Porter Heights, TX, back to normal. Besides their overall commitment to quality, these rebuilding geniuses possess a simple filing infrastructure that makes working with them as pleasurable as possible.

Quality Compliance
As one of the most trusted names in repair, SERVPRO is devoted to providing a professional experience from start to finish. You can expect:

  • Safe and effective rebuilding and cleaning techniques
  • Background checks on staff
  • Properly registered and maintained vehicles
  • Excellent insurance

Besides providing dependable service, their sophisticated electronic filing system makes processing any insurance claim a snap.

Electronic Claims
SERVPRO’s Electronic Claims Information System offers multiple advantages. Most critically, a breakdown of assignments is always available for viewing. New assignments, pending jobs and completed tasks are easily identifiable, providing an instant read on how repairs are progressing.
Cleaning and construction recommendations are broken down into digestible chunks. Estimates are provided for each item. This is extremely useful when figuring out your total cost. Having this figure early on may assist with speeding up your insurance claim. Customer files can also be mailed in printed form. Alternatively, they can be emailed as an Excel spreadsheet.

SERVPRO’s electronic customer files are troves of essential data. Included is the initiating report, photographic evidence of damage and every piece of related paperwork. Having every scrap of information in one location is a strong advantage when dealing with an insurance agent. The quicker you can provide whatever data is requested, the faster your claim may be pushed through.
With everything involved in getting your office up and running after a calamity, filing an insurance claim should be easy. Let SERVPRO’s information gathering abilities make the ordeal as smooth as possible.

3 Things to Know About Preferred Vendor Qualifications

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

green van SERVPRO of The Woodlands/Conroe, you can trust that the job will get done right!

Preferred Vendor Qualifications: 3 Things to Know

When clients have property restorations needs, an insurance agent in The Woodlands, TX, may choose to recommend a preferred vendor to make the repairs. Choosing a preferred vendor allows the insurance company to know the team of professionals have the qualifications to perform the job, and also will meet a set of standards in the process. Vendor qualifications can be important because they

1. Let Clients Know What to Expect

A preferred vendor must agree to certain guidelines in order to be recommended by an insurance company. This means that the client knows what to expect from the professional restoration team, such as SERVPRO, working on their property. Knowing the guidelines also allows the client to ask questions about the steps involved if desired.

2. Allow the Client to Work With a Certified Team

The insurance agent processing the claim will often recommend that their client work with a certified professional. This gives the client the ability to look up any relevant qualifications and feel comfortable that their restoration team has the tools and knowledge to properly perform the job. It also allows the insurance company the ability to ensure that all restoration work meets the IICRC standards.

3. Ensure Quality Work

A vendor program teaches the participants how to properly conduct restoration efforts in a variety of circumstances. These may include mold, fire, water, and storm damage restoration. Participants are taught the proper procedures and how to ensure quality work every step of the way. In many cases, these professionals are also taught how to clearly communicate with the insurance company so that all claim information remains up-to-date.

When an insurance agent recommends a preferred vendor for a job it’s because they trust that team or individual to do the job correctly. These professionals have been trained and certified to industry standards, take pride in quality work, and because of this, the client can know what to expect in the restoration of their property.

How to Properly File a Fire Claim

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

Burnt chimney, burnt furniture. Pieces of glass on the floor Fire damage in New Caney, TX

How to File a Fire Claim Correctly

Dealing with the effects of a house fire can be one of the most challenging, stressful events of a person’s life. Even if everyone in your New Caney, TX, home makes it out safely you could still face the prospects of losing valuable, meaningful possessions. Fortunately, with fire restoration efforts and insurance coverage, you can recover many items and start to rebuild your life. It’s important to know the right way to navigate this process.

Post-Fire Response

To minimize loss and preserve your safety, it’s crucial that you handle a fire emergency correctly. There are some essential steps you must take to ensure you get good coverage and prompt cleanup.

  • Call 911 and get out safely.
  • Contact your insurance company.
  • For smoke cleaning and rebuilding, contact a professional fire restoration company.

Discuss the Incident

For your insurance agent to process a fire damage claim, you must recount the event. Tell your agent where the fire occurred, how it started, what it damaged, and whether there were any injuries.

Take Photos but Don’t Disturb the Scene
It will be helpful to provide your insurance agent with as much information as possible about the fire. If it’s safe to do so, take pictures of the damage and the extent of the loss you have suffered. While you do this, be careful not to touch anything. You want the insurance adjuster to look at the aftermath in the exact state it was left following the fire.

Get Restoration Teams Involved

The sooner you can hire a fire cleanup company, the faster your fire insurance claim should go. These two parties will work hand in hand so you can get prompt, thorough service. The cleanup team will board up windows and any holes in the siding or roof. This will prevent further damage and looting.
The fire restoration process on your damaged home will go much more smoothly when you file an insurance claim correctly. Adhere to these critical steps, and you can get back on your feet soon.

Emergency Response for Mold Damage

10/26/2021 (Permalink)

Ceiling of a home contaminated by mold. Mold growth in a home Mold damage in a Rayford, TX home.

When a flood hits Rayford, TX and impacts your home, the first thing on your mind is likely damage control – but you probably aren’t thinking about black mold as part of that damage. Mold cleanup should be your first priority, before anything else; it’s hard to salvage the rest of the home if mold takes root. You have 24-48 hours before mold begins its lifecycle as spores begin to blossom into a full-on fungal outbreak. Here are a few tips for mold remediation.

Preventing Mold After a Flood

As soon as you are safely able to enter your home again, you should:

• Glove up. You should wear personal protective equipment, at the very least something to protect your eyes and hands, before handling material that may be contaminated with mold or black water.

• Shut off the water. You may have broken pipes or other leakage issues contributing to an environment ripe for mold growth.

• Shut off your HVAC system. Airflow picks up mold spores and spreads them throughout the house, often carrying them to sources of water that allow them to grow.

• Quickly clean up any standing water. Black mold will rapidly sprout in areas where standing water has soaked into the walls and floorboards.

• Get rid of waterlogged materials. Furniture, carpeting, and curtains can make ripe breeding grounds for black mold. Immediately tear out anything waterlogged that can’t be salvaged. Take other objects out into the sun to dry out.

• Use an air purifier to clear the environment. While you may want to avoid fans that could just circulate spores, an air purifier can remove them from your environment and reduce the saturation of spores in the air.

• Contact a mold remediation specialist. Many times handling mold cleanup yourself is just a stopgap. Once you’ve taken emergency measures to prevent the infestation and spread of black mold, contact a mold remediation professional to conduct a more thorough assessment of your home and any potential mold hazards.

3 Ways To Get Rid of Mold Odor in Your Home

9/28/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold Mold growth in a Conroe, TX home.

3 Steps for Getting Rid of Mold Odor in Your Home

Mold commonly occurs in many homes, and mold odor can make spending time in your home less enjoyable. Mycotoxin is released by mold, causing the unpleasant, musty odor mold produces. If you’re experiencing mold odor in your home in Conroe, TX, there are several steps you can take to eliminate the smell.

1. Clean Appliances

Some appliances in your home are likely to experience mold growth as a result of dark, humid environments. Laundry machines and dishwashers can grow mold over time as they are used, and it can be easy to forget about cleaning appliances that are themselves made for cleaning. Frequently cleaning your appliances can help eliminate mold odor and mold itself, and you can also prevent new mold growth with a routine cleaning schedule.

2. Dry Out Areas

Mold thrives in dark, moist environments. Certain areas, such as basements or attics, are particularly likely to experience mold growth. In order to lessen the musty odor that results from mold growth, make sure all areas in your home are dry. Opening windows can help let in light while also drying out locations in your home. By drying out areas in your home where mold commonly grows, you can help prevent further growth from occurring.

3. Filter Air

Airing out your home isn’t always enough to completely eliminate the smell of mycotoxin, and using HEPA air filters, which are specifically made to eliminate mold, can helpfully eliminate mold odor. These filters help eliminate the humidity in your home, which contributes to mold growth. Additionally, HEPA air filters can collect the mold particles, thereby helping eliminate odor.

Mold remediation is not always a simple process, and you may require professionals in mold cleanup to fully get rid of the mold growth and the scent that mycotoxin produces in your home. Once mold is eliminated, you’ll be more likely to enjoy spending time in your home again.

Do Moldy Paintings Have To Be Thrown Away?

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

Furniture and belongings with mold growth If your belongings have mold damage, call SERVPRO for restoration.

Is It Necessary To Discard Moldy Paintings?

When mold damage hits your The Woodlands,TX, home, you may have to go through a long cleaning process to return your space to normal. This can include removing items too riddled with mold to save as well as cleaning other objects. You may worry that paintings fall into the "throw away" category because the material may be porous, but your mold cleaning experts may be able to help you restore the artwork rather than destroy it.

Remediation Is Possible

Flood damage can cause a host of issues with your paintings. Not only can the water introduce mold to your artwork, but it can also lead to paint loss, discoloration and tears. When considering mold remediation for a painting, the most common damage is a layer of grime, dust and spores on at least a portion of the art.

Depending on the damage done to your paintings, you may be able to have them restored. Some conservation groups will work on sentimental art pieces as well as those with monetary worth. The remediation process can be long and takes multiple steps:

  • Using high-quality paints, solvents and adhesives
  • Treating the paint layer
  • Restoring the stretchers, strainers, canvas, panel or board that supports the painting

Taking the right mold cleaning steps can help ensure that your paintings look like new after the remediation is finished.

Remediation Requires Expertise

Restoring a piece of art is not the same as removing mold from the carpet and drywall in your home. You need to take your masterpieces to artists who have the knowledge needed to clean away the mold and restore the look of the painting.

Mold remediation in all of its forms requires expertise. As a homeowner, you may want to take care of mold damage on your own. However, mold cleaning requires special equipment and knowledge to do the job right. Whether you want to restore a damaged piece of art or clean your home after a flood, it is best to work with the right professionals.

3 Reasons Why Professional Mold Testing Is Better Than DIY Mold Testing

6/9/2021 (Permalink)

Close-up of person hand wearing gloves measuring wetness of a moldy wall Getting professional mold testing can help you know exactly what kind of mold you are dealing with.

3 Reasons Why Professional Mold Testing Is Better Than DIY Mold Testing

No one likes finding mold growing inside their home. Mold spores are everywhere, and it's hard to avoid them from entering your house. The problem arises when mold finds a wet, humid area in your home and begins to grow.
Sometimes, mold is hard to spot. Whether you live in a house or apartment in Shenandoah, TX, it's important to keep an eye on potential mold colonies. Mold testing can help you do this. Here are three reasons why professional mold inspections are better than DIY mold inspections.

1. Professional Testing Is More Accurate
Because mold spores are everywhere, a mold kit from the store almost always ends up testing positive. An inspection from a certified hygienist can ensure that you are getting the best quality of testing. They will check areas that prone to mold growth such as the air conditioner, near pipes and in the bathroom. They may also bring specific tools to test air and surfaces and well as inspect potential water damage.

2. Professional Testing Is In-Depth
You may consider doing a test on your own, but getting professional mold testing can help you know exactly what kind of mold you are dealing with. Hygienists know a lot about mold and can help you identify the source of the problem as well as the full extent of the mold growth.

3. Professional Testing Can Lead To Professional Mold Remediation
Of course, if you find mold, you'll want to get it fixed. Working with a mold remediation company to inspect and fix your mold problem is the best way to go. Not only will you identify the mold, but these professionals can start fixing the problem right away.
Mold isn't something you want to mess with on your own. Having professional mold testing can be a much better option to give you the most accurate, in-depth results.

Why Bleach Is Not the Answer to Your Mold Problem

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

bleach in white container Bleach is not the solution

Handling a bit of fungus cleanup in your business might seem like a do-it-yourself job, but are you sure? Before you reach for the bleach, you should know that it is not the best way to eradicate mold.

How Mold Works

Mold is a fungus that spreads through airborne spores. Most of the time, there is no need for concern. However, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that if the conditions are right, it only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to settle and a little over a week for it to start spreading.
Mold needs a good source of moisture, food and warmth. The more porous the nutrient source (drywall, wood, fibers), the better. Mold will penetrate these surfaces and grow deep down in them, making it hard to get rid of the infestation.

Why Bleach Is Not the Solution

Bleach is not considered an effective method for fungus cleanup for a few reasons:

  • It is not effective for long term use.
  • It only cleans the top layer of surfaces, allowing mold to continue growing underneath.
  • It encourages growth because it creates moisture.

Furthermore, the EPA advises against the use of the chemical because if the work area is not properly ventilated, it can cause harm to those using it.

How To Take Care of the Problem

To clean up mold, you have to find the reason for the moisture that is helping it grow. Fixing water issues such as broken pipes is the first step in mold removal. The next step is to dry the area completely and get rid of the affected materials. Some small infestations might be manageable on your own, but if you are dealing with a mold problem that extends beyond 10 square feet, it is safest to ask a mold remediation specialist for help.
With the right knowledge and help from your local expert in Egypt, TX, fungus cleanup might end up feeling like a minor job, after all.

Indoor Environmental Specialists Can Aid in Locating Your Mold Problems

9/28/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up of person's hands wearing gloves measuring wetness of a moldy wall Mold test completed

Indoor Environmental Specialists Can Aid in Locating Your Mold Problems

Sometimes your gut tells you something is off with your home. A room might not feel as cool. A strange smell could be permeating the space. These aren't just little things. The symptoms could mean fungus has started to grow. You know the place best, so trust your intuition. Begin with a personal evaluation. Then, turn to an indoor environmental specialist. Together, you can determine exactly what is amiss and tackle the concern.

1. Use Your Senses
Mold growth could be visible. Start in the spot that seems unusual. Begin a sweep, eyeing the walls, carpeting, and fixtures. Fungal spores love damp, dark locations. The moisture helps them thrive, and organic matter lets them feed. That means drywall, cabinets, and flooring are food sources. Check these areas for signs of water stains, rust, warping, or discoloration. Your nose is a source too. At times, the development hides behind the walls, only evident because of musty odor.

2. Request a Professional Assessment
An indoor environmental specialist in Rayford, TX, has the resources to identify the infestation through other means. These accredited and licensed workers can take samples from within the structures; plus, they can sample the air. Doing so, they can create a report dictating the type and amount of contamination. This information may be provided to a water remediation company to establish a thorough plan for restoration procedures. The contamination requires tear out and repairs.

3. Understand the Underlying Cause
With the mold test completed, residents may work with the team to understand why this happened and how to prevent it in the future. Is something permeated through the stucco? Are windows not sealed properly? Is there an internal leak in the pipes? Then, establish a method for minimizing further trouble. Consider enhancing air conditioners units, or adding dehumidifiers or air purifiers as well.
Don't ignore that nagging feeling. Be proactive. Seek answers. An indoor environmental specialist has the knowledge and means to assist with your mold cleanup demands.

How To Avoid Excess Mold Growth in Your Building

8/15/2020 (Permalink)

Wall damaged by mold growth Commercial mold damage in Porter Heights, TX

How To Avoid Excess Mold Growth in Your Building

Mold spores are present throughout the environment. They flow through the air and grow on organic substances, including:

  • Carpet
  • Insulation
  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Food

Mold destroys these materials as it grows. Excess mold can thus damage the walls, ceiling, and floor of your Porter Heights, TX, commercial building. Since mold appears naturally in the environment, you cannot completely remove all the spores from your property. However, with proper carpet cleaning and other safety measures, you can control the spread of the mold.
Mold grows fastest in dark, damp areas. If you keep your building dry and address any moisture problems immediately, you can limit mold damage.

Reducing Moisture
There are some simple ways to lower the moisture level in your building. You should keep the relative humidity below 60 percent at all times. Ideally, the humidity level should be between 30 and 50 percent.
Condensation can also lead to mold growth. To reduce condensation, consider adding insulation or increasing the air circulation.

Cleaning Wet Items
Mold commonly appears following floods or similar water disasters. Water-damaged items need to be dried or replaced immediately before mold starts to grow.
Carpet cleaning should be done within 24 to 48 hours. If it is safe, turn on a dehumidifier or fan to accelerate the drying process. Then contact mold remediation specialists to assist with the water removal.
Mold-damaged papers and books can possibly be salvaged via freeze-drying. Upholstered furniture and hard surfaces can also be cleaned with the help of professionals. Other wet items, including certain insulations, wallboards, and ceiling tiles, should be thrown out and replaced instead.
By limiting the amount of moisture in your facility, you can avoid the buildup of mold spores. If you do discover any water or mold problems on your property, cleanup and restoration professionals can assist with the remediation process. They will decontaminate the damaged items and perform a thorough carpet cleaning if necessary.

Helpful Tips To Remove Mold Odors

7/20/2020 (Permalink)

Man wrinkling face for bad smell If you discover a foul, mildew-like smell in your home, don't hesitate to investigate

Tips To Handle Mold Growth In Your Home

No matter what type of residence you have, you want to keep it clean and safe. All types of homes, from apartments to homesteads, can develop mold if the conditions are right. When there are high levels of humidity trapped in any area of your house, mold can grow, release mycotoxins, and create a very unpleasant smell. If you suspect mold growth in your home, here are some tips to handle the situation.

Routine Cleaning
While any room can harbor mold when there is water damage, some areas are generally more prone to the problem than others. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, attics, basements, and crawl spaces are prime locations for mold to take hold, as they frequently retain moisture. If you notice a musty odor in any room, you should look for mold growth. If you catch it early, you may be able to contain the problem yourself. If the issue goes unnoticed for too long, you will need professional mold remediation. To keep the issue at bay, frequently clean and sanitize rooms that have high humidity levels. Regularly wash rugs, mats, towels, and soft surfaces and use all-purpose cleaners on areas that may be hiding mildew.

HEPA Air Filtration Devices
Often, mold growth can lead to bad odors that linger even after the mold is removed. When mold colonies live in your home, they can grow quickly. The mold releases mycotoxins into the air that causes the foul smell. Specialists in mold damage removal and remediation may be needed if the growth is bad. Experts in the industry have the professional training and tools to thoroughly remove the mold growth and unpleasant odors. HEPA Air Filtration Devices can be used to effectively remove any lingering musty odor in your Egypt, TX, home.
If you discover a foul, mildew-like smell in your home, don't hesitate to investigate. If mold is growing unchecked, it will continually release mycotoxins and the problematic odor will persist. Call experts in the mold remediation industry to get your home safe and sanitary.

High Standards Ensure Excellence in the Restoration Field

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO van SERVPRO leader in the restoration industry

If you are an insurance agent, you know that what company responds to a disaster can make a big difference. You likely value the traits of efficiency, professionalism, knowledge, and training. With SERVPRO, you get a company that has been an industry leader in the restoration industry for more than 50 years. With over 1,700 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, a franchise is likely to be close to Shenandoah, TX. This means certified technicians can arrive Faster to Any Size Disaster and begin to work on limiting damage and expenses.

How High Standards Help Everyone

Partnering with a quality disaster remediation franchise is one of the smartest things you can do as an insurance agent. It allows you to connect with professionals that follow stringent guidelines on every job they complete. High standards help clients in the following ways:

  • Lower expenses
  • Professional work
  • Fast response
  • Improved safety
  • Better documentation

As a member of a national vendor program, a high-level restoration franchise offers valuable assistance in coordinating insurance claims. A claims information center provides clear and efficient documentation of work in readily-accessible electronic files and hard copy options. Photos provide additional clarity by keeping a record of damages. Best of all, the work is performed according to the highest standards of the cleaning and restoration industry.

How Communication Benefits the Process
National account managers work with the insurance agent to keep the lines of communication open. These managers are available to help agents with any questions they might have during the restoration work and the settling of the insurance claim. As part of this effort, the company embraces quality assurance through audits, background checks on employees, and complete job files for proof of work. All of this gives you a competitive advantage when dealing with your customers. You will be in the loop at all times and will know the quality of the work will be at the highest level.

How To Find Hidden Mold in Your Building

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

Thermal imaging camera used to locate mold in a property Thermal cameras are arguably the best way to find the location of a fungus smell

How To Find Hidden Mold in Your Building

Did you or your employees notice a mold smell in your The Woodlands, TX, building? This fungus has a distinctive odor that can make life unpleasant for everyone.
Once you discover the mildew smell, the next step is finding the source of the issue. This may be easier said than done. Mold frequently appears in areas that are not readily visible. However, there are some strategies you can use to locate the mold. They include:

  • Force
  • Scent-Detection dogs
  • Thermal cameras

Brute Force
If you suspect the mold is coming from behind the walls of your property, you can physically remove the drywall to try to locate the fungus. However, this method is not always effective. That’s because the conditions causing the mold growth are not necessarily visible to the naked eye. Tearing down drywall can be quite expensive, as well.

Scent Detection Dogs
Certain dogs have also been trained to find the source of the mold smell within a building. They can even find hidden mold under floors or behind walls.

Thermal Cameras
Thermal cameras are arguably the best way to find the location of a fungus smell. As their name implies, they produce pictures that show the heat radiation in a certain area. Darker locations on the images are evidence of moisture. Since mold thrives in wet areas, you can use the cameras to narrow down where the mold could be.
Some of these infared themography cameras include updated technology such as laser points and high-resolution photos. They may even be able to accurately measure the temperature in the building. This can help you determine whether increased heat on the premises will leave it more susceptible to mold growth. Unlike the other options mentioned above, thermal cameras can also survey a large area in a short amount of time.
The above techniques can help you discover what is causing the mold smell in your building. After you determine where the fungus is, you can hire mold cleanup specialists to remedy the situation.

Are Mold and Mildew the Same Creatures?

3/23/2020 (Permalink)

The finger of the hand points to the black fungus on the white wall. Mildew is generally easy to control and treat

The terms mold and mildew are often used interchangeably, but they are different animals. It is understandable that they often are confused among speakers, since they share a few similarities. Both are attracted to damp and warm places of the home. Both are a type of fungus and have that same aura or creepiness or sliminess. Finally, they like to grow on such things as drywall, flooring and paper products. However, the two fungi part ways with a few important traits. For one thing, mold damage is likely to be worse and harder to eradicate.

Identifying Mildew

The presence of mildew growth in a home in Shenandoah,TX, has a few characteristics that help identify it. The following traits are indicative of mildew:

  • Mildew stays on the surface of materials
  • It is usually a gray or white color and grows in small patches
  • It is easily cleaned with a regular cleaner and a scrubbing brush and coarse cloth

Mildew is generally easy to control and treat. It also has less capability of causing harm to household items, belongings and the structure of a home.  

Identifying Mold

To correctly identify mold it is necessary to have a certified professional with the appropriate equipment for mold testing. In general, mold is a green or black color. Mold growth can be caused by several types of mold, each of which have different traits. Mold damage can be extensive and require the restoration of materials or belongings, and in some cases, objects will have to be disposed of. A local mold remediation company has the training and the equipment to mitigate a mold problem in a home. A rapid inspection and damage assessment is the first step in containing mold.

3 Reasons To Consider a Franchise With SERVPRO

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Green SERVPRO semi truck parked in front of a commercial building If you are wanting a smart business plan with great support, a SERVPRO franchise may be the way to go

3 Reasons To Consider a Franchise With SERVPRO

There are many challenges that come with owning your own business. When you choose a SERVPRO franchise as your business model in Egypt, TX, you can eliminate or at least lessen some of those challenges. Here are three reasons to consider this choice.

1. Great Reputation

A franchise with SERVPRO comes with built-in service standards. All technicians are expected to be certified according to IICRC standards. Business owners who need flood or fire remediation services look for a name they can trust. When you own a franchise with the company, you get the benefit of a solid industry reputation.

2. Ongoing Support

When natural disasters strike, the havoc they can wreak on the commercial properties in the area can be extensive. The damage may be a lot to handle for local remediation companies. When you own a SERVPRO franchise, however, you have the backing of the corporation. Teams can be assembled from nearby regions to assist with the problems in your area, so you are never alone in addressing large-scale problems. You have a locally owned business with corporate reach.

3. Corporate Referrals

Another benefit of owning a franchise with SERVPRO is that you may be eligible to receive referrals directly from the corporate office. SERVPRO is a preferred vendor of many insurance companies, and they often direct their clients who need mitigation to the toll-free number for service. If you have complied with the 21 guidelines necessary to qualify, you can receive referrals directly from the main office for claims in your area. The corporation refers business owners to locally owned franchises in their area to ensure they get the quickest response.
A remediation and restoration company in Egypt, TX, can be a lucrative business, but you don't have to handle it all on your own. If you are wanting a smart business plan with great support, a SERVPRO franchise may be the way to go.

Cleaning Items After a Commercial Fire

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A fire destroyed five stores of a building Fire damage in a Shenandoah, TX building

There are many stages of a commercial fire. The first phase is the actual fire, an emergency situation if ever there was one, when the main concern should be on safety and putting the fire out. The next phase is the inspection and damage assessment completed by a reputable fire remediation team in Shenandoah, TX. Once things have calmed down a bit, it is a good idea to then go over damaged items more systematically and determine what can be saved and what will have to be thrown away. With advanced techniques such as dry-cleaning many of the items tainted with smoke damage can be restored to good condition again.

Cleaning and Restoring

When it comes to content cleaning, many possibilities exist for getting rid of the odors of smoke and other impurities. A professional restoration team will have some or all of the following measures at its disposal:

  • Wet cleaning for moderately damaged materials
  • Dry-cleaning for an initial cleaning or for lightly soiled items
  • Abrasive cleaning for a deeper scrubbing
  • Immersion cleaning for dipping into a bath of cleaning agents
  • Foam cleaning for upholstery

A restore versus replace mentality can save the company money. It also provides the possibility of keeping valuable keepsakes that are too important to just throw out.

Storing and Moving

At times it can be appropriate to move items to a safer place where more thorough cleaning can be undertaken. This is where content storage comes into play. A move of items to a separate facility enables a quicker process and greater protection of contents. When the time is ready, the restored items can then be moved back into the building.
Dry-cleaning and other techniques can restore clothes, upholstery, carpeting and even electronics after a commercial fire. Even sensitive items such as photographs and documents can be restored with equipment designed to get rid of smoke and soot damage and contamination from water.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Rely On a DIY Test to Find Mold Growth

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The Microbial test kit DIY mold testing kit are not accurate

Reasons Why You Should Skip the DIY Test

If you think that there is mold growing in your Rayford,TX, home, then you might be tempted to try finding it on your own. There are many mold testing kits that you can buy in a store, but using one of these might not get you the results you are looking for. The following are a few reasons why you should skip the DIY test and hire a professional to inspect your home for you.

1. There Are No Set Standards

Yes, there are a wide variety of mold testing kits for you to choose from, but this is part of the problem. These tests are all made differently and will, therefore, vary greatly in quality and price. There is not a set of strict standards for these tests, so the results you get will depend on the variety that you buy.

2. They Are Not Accurate

Even if you did manage to find the best mold kit to use at home, it would still likely not have very accurate findings. This is because of the nature of mold. This fungus is incredibly common and spores can be found in most environments, including inside of your home, so a test is likely to read positive even if you do not have any excessive growth. This may sound alarming, but most varieties are not harmful and will not cause any trouble unless you have water damage or high levels of humidity in the house.

3. You Won’t Know What to Do With the Results

Assuming that the test you used was accurate, you would probably not know what to do next. It can be difficult to locate mold if it is growing behind the walls or underneath the floors, and DIY mold removal can actually cause it to spread further.
Mold is a common problem, but it is not one that you should usually take care of on your own. If you believe that you have an infestation, you should contact a mold remediation specialist to perform mold testing, removal and cleanup.

What's the Difference Between Mold and Mildew?

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Mold damage in garage Mold growth in a Rayford, TX garage

Difference Between Mold and Mildew

No homeowner in Rayford,TX, ever wants to hear that he or she has mold damage. Fortunately, mold is often confused with its significantly less destructive cousin, mildew. Before you suspect the worst, read this quick primer on the differences between the two.

Where Are Mold and Mildew Found?

Mold and mildew tend to hang out in different places, although they both generally thrive in warm spots with plenty of moisture. Mold growth is most commonly found in the following areas:

  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Attics
  • Crawl spaces
  • Basements

Mildew growth, meanwhile, is most commonly found in those areas of the home that are regularly exposed to high humidity, such as the bathroom. It's typically spotted on the floors, walls, and ceilings. It can also take hold on damp surfaces, such as fabric and leather, as well.

What Do They Look Like?

The types of mold most typically found in the home are green or black in color. Texture-wise, they may be slimy or fuzzy, and they prefer to take root underneath wet surfaces, such as below a sink or behind drywall.
Mildew instead sticks to the surface — literally — and has a powdery, feathery, or fluffy appearance. It's usually gray, white, or yellow.

What Do They Do?

Of the two, mold damage tends to be more severe. It can cause serious harm to building materials, entire houses, and even cars. For that reason, it's always wise to leave black mold cleanup to the professionals. They have the equipment and expertise needed to restore affected areas promptly and thoroughly.
Mildew is generally less destructive, invasive, and tenacious than mold. While mold cleanup is almost always a job best left to experts, mildew cleanup can often be sufficiently managed in, for example, a bathroom shower with some household cleaner and a little elbow grease.
If you suspect you have mold damage, the first thing to do is verify that it is actually mold. Once you've confirmed that it is, your next step should likely be to enlist the help of experienced mold remediation professionals — or, even better, leave that verification process to the pros, too.

The Basics of Your Storm Policy

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A man holding a sheet with his left hand, on top of the sheet it says "Insurance" with his right hand he has a pen It is important to know the kind of coverage you have

During storm season in Conroe,TX, your commercial property may sustain some damage. Having storm insurance may help cover most of the costs of repairs. How much your policy covers depends mainly upon the kind of deductible you have and whether the damage is the result of a trigger event.


The deductible on an insurance policy is the amount you have to pay before your insurance coverage takes over. There are several types of deductibles a storm policy could have:

  • Mandatory, in which a specific amount is set by laws, regulations or the insurer
  • Dollar, in which a set dollar amount is stated in the policy
  • Percentage, in which the amount is equal to a certain percentage of the building's value

A lot of the insurance coverage for hurricanes and other storms that produce high winds and the potential need for extensive water damage repair requires a percentage deductible. If your building is worth $1,000,000, and you have a 5% deductible, you have to pay for $50,000 of the damage before your insurance company pays a dime. Some business owners opt for a higher monthly premium for their insurance policy in order to have a dollar deductible that would be more manageable in a time of crisis.


In order for your storm insurance to kick in, there has to be a trigger event. In other words, the National Weather Service has to issue a warning or name a specific hurricane or tropical storm. A regular rainstorm that doesn't merit an official measure of intensity is not likely to be covered under this particular policy. Read your policy carefully to learn exactly what circumstances must occur for damage to your building to be covered.
It is important to know the kind of coverage you have. Understanding the terms of your storm insurance policy can help you prepare financially for potential threats.

Young Professionals of The Woodlands Meet Up at Top Golf

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Topgolf of Spring, TX is hosting the June Young Professionals Networking Social for the month of June.

The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting their monthly Young Professional Network Social for the month of June at TopGolf located in Spring, TX.  

Take a swing at getting social with your fellow North Houston professionals, but keep it under 40 please, as this is a special event for the young ones within the network!

The social will be hosted by Topgolf at 560 Spring Park Center Blvd, Spring, TX 7737 on Thursday, June 27 starting at 5:30pm.  For additional details contact Margo McZeal at the chamber office.  There is no cover or registration fee for this event, however each member is responsible for purchasing their own food/beverage and play time on the green.

Topgolf hosts an outstanding 100 climate-controlled hitting bays with full service restaurant and bar service directly to your putting green.  IN addition Topgolf has over 200 HDTVs playing at all times, free wi-fi, rooftop terrace with fire pit and the space is available for private events and meetings.  

Are you in a fantasy football league?  Consider hosing yur next draft party at Topgolf.  Topgolf of Spring hosts draft parties for groups of 8-16 guests in a semi-private room with WIFI and HDTV, shareable menu and bottomless fountain soda, tea and coffee.  The package also includes as $120 bar tab credit and dedicated wait staff.

Soot and Smoke Damage

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This home experienced soot and smoke damage.

Soot and smoke damage are some of the most destructive components of a fire loss. Typically fire damage is isolated to one area of the building, however, smoke can travel to multiple rooms. In fact, smoke entering the air conditioning and heating system and transferring throughout multiple areas of the building is a common issue.

Soot is the settled particles from smoke. In most cases, soot can be found on all surfaces, especially in the areas affected by the fire. Granite, wood and many other materials can prolong exposure to sitting soot and permanently stain and damage the materials.

SERVPRO has teams of specially trained technicians whose number one priority is to restore your property! We thoroughly clean the soot residue off the surface of your equipment and furniture with our specially formulated remediation solutions. In addition, we utilize custom cleaning tools that allow us to clean the interior structure of the building.

During the entire process, a dedicated SERVPRO Production Manager will work with your insurance company to determine the best restoration process for you. We work hand in hand as a guide for both you and your insurance adjuster to determine the most cost effective and appropriate solution to your unique claim.

Fire Construction And Its Connection To Commercial Fire Loss Mitigation

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The kitchen area of this property experienced a fire loss.

Fire reconstruction is an essential component of restoring property after a commercial fire loss. The mitigation process consists of reconstructing any areas of the building that experienced total lost due to the fire.

SERVPRO is equipped to complete A-Z turnkey repairs to your damaged property that was affected by the fire. This could be as simple as replacing ceiling tiles and insulation or as difficult as reconstructing the complete interior building for catastrophic fire loses.

Our expert team, with nearly fifteen years of hands on experience, has handled thousands of commercial fires losses. Whether you have an isolated small fire or one that requires extensive construction, our trained and dedicated Production Managers can assist in developing a turn-key “A-Z” plan that will get your building back to its original condition.

SERVPRO’s top priority is to ensure you have a smooth process when experiencing fire loss. We encourage you to contact us immediately to quicken your restoration process. As soon as we are notified, we can began working with your assigned insurance adjuster on getting you back to business!

Actions To Take When You Experience Fire Damage

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This facility experienced severe fire damage.

Fire damage can be extremely detrimental to your commercial property, therefore, it’s very important to take caution and know the right and wrong actions to take after a fire.

Once everyone is safely out of the facility and the fire is extinguished, we highly suggest calling your insurance company to come and inspect the damage. After they file your claim, we recommend immediately contacting SERVPRO to begin the restoration process.

It’s our top priority to prevent further damage and restore as many valuables in your property as possible.Our goal is to alleviate stress by extracting the water left from firefighters as well as clean the valuables that are salvageable after the fire.

Having your salvageable and non salvageable items separated will help you document your valuables for your insurance. We suggest taking clear photos and videos of your destroyed items to help communicate with your insurance company.

Here are a couple frequently asked questions we get from those affected by a commercial fire loss:

  1. I didn’t start the fire, why do I need to file an insurance claim?

Answer: In most cases, the property owner is responsible for restoring their commercial property. Additionally, the tenant holds responsibility for their business content, such as equipment, computers, furnishings and tenant improvements.  Regardless of how the fire was started or who is at fault, it is each person’s responsibility to remediate and restore their property.

  1. Who is responsible for redecorating the interior of the building?

Answer: In most cases, the tenant is responsible for reconstructing the interior of the lease space. This will include: removing drywall, replacing flooring, and restoring the ceiling. Typically, the owner of the building is responsible for reconstructing the building. This will include structural components of the building, HVAC system, windows, exterior doors, elevators and any exterior portion of the building which may include landscaping. In most cases, any belongings that existed in the building prior to the tenant’s arrival is considered the responsibility of the property owner.

Is It Black Mold? 3 Ways To Know

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black growth on a white wall Black mold in homes can be a costly and dangerous problem.

Black Mold

Black mold are two words that no homeowner wants to hear. If you think this pesky problem is cropping up in your The Woodlands,TX home, a mold inspection is the best way to be sure. Until you can schedule one, however, here are a few quick tips to answer mold is what you’re dealing with.


All mold is comprised of microscopic organisms found indoors and outdoors. It spreads easily and comes in various colors including:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Orange

Black mold is the one that is best publicized and the one that homeowners most want to recognize and eradicate, fast.


Molds of all kinds love damp, dark areas. That means attics, crawl spaces, areas under sinks and anywhere drips, leaks or condensation can create pooling water are perfect breeding grounds. In homes, bathrooms are another common mold area. If you spot something dark and fuzzy in any of these areas, schedule a mold inspection.


Black-colored mold isn’t always just black. In fact, this type of mold often presents as a dark, greenish black and sometimes even has a grey tinge to it. While things like common dirt can take on this appearance, black mold also tends to be a bit slimy. If you see something matching this description, it might be black house mold.


This type of mold is known for its musty odor that is similar to the sharp, pungent odor of mildew. In many cases, you may not see black house mold, but the smell through your home can be a sign that it is present.

Black house mold is not something to play with. Left alone, it can spread and become an expensive problem to solve. If you think you have it, schedule a mold inspection and connect with a mold remediator to rid your house of the fungus.

4 Reasons Ceiling Tiles Become Discolored

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Broken pipe leads to mold damage on ceiling in a Shenandoah,TX building

Four Potential Causes of Discoloration

Ceiling tile discoloration may be an aesthetic or indoor environmental issue. Some of the most common causes of discoloration include the condition of the tiles and whether any signs of damage from water or tile mold are present. Here are four potential causes of discoloration.

1. Water Damage

Leaks and pipe bursts are common causes of discoloration. Signs of prior damage do not necessarily mean that mold is present. If the discoloration has appeared recently, an owner should inspect the structure to identify the water source. Mitigation professionals may use a thermal camera or other technology to quickly determine the extent of the damage.

2. Ultraviolet Lighting

Ceiling tiles in clinics, labs, or manufacturing facilities that rely on UV lighting may become discolored over time. This exposure should not pose any additional risk in terms of wear or mold. Consider whether an area with discolored tiles has been used for curing, nondestructive testing, or sterilizing materials.

3. Tile Mold

Damage caused by water that is not quickly remedied may support mold growth. Mold thrives on cellulose and other food sources found in dirt or dust. Porous materials are particularly prone to developing mold. This may be the cause if the discoloration has a fuzzy texture or appears as irregular stains, clusters, or spots.

4. Age and Condition

Most ceiling tile materials are made out of porous materials. These tiles attract dirt and can become covered in residue over time. This is particularly the case with older ceiling tiles. These tiles may be made out of materials other than mineral fiber, or have been exposed to nicotine smoke.

Consider these four potential causes when trying to determine the source of ceiling tile discoloration in a building in Shenandoah,TX. If you suspect that water damage or tile mold may be the cause, schedule a consultation with a damage mitigation and restoration company.

3 Tips for Reducing Maintenance Costs on Your Facilities

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Schedule annual maintenance to your heather

How To Keep Your Cost Down

Around the country, facility management professionals have learned a great deal about how to keep their costs down while maintaining safe, comfortable buildings. Take a look at some of the tips gathered from these professionals, for some improvements in your own maintenance cost.

1. Focus on Lighting

According to the EPA, about 35 percent of a commercial building's energy goes toward lighting. Schools, stores, and offices around the country have tried a few tactics to save money in this area. Some of those include

  • Dimming lights during off-use periods
  • Replacing older lightbulbs with more efficient bulbs
  • Installing digital sensing and control systems

In lighting and other facility management areas, there may be incentives available.

2. Reduce HVAC Costs

One of the best ways to keep heating and cooling costs down is to schedule annual (or more frequent) inspections and maintenance. Heating and cooling professionals in The Woodlands,TX, understand the particulars of the environment and weather patterns. Insights and tips from these professionals could help you minimize costs directly relating to running air conditioners and heaters. Other tactics could include closer looks at machines in your facilities that generate heat or adding some landscaping elements that help you maintain comfortable temperatures.

3. Tackle Repairs Early

Many costs related to repairs could be reduced by catching problems when they are small. Scheduling routine maintenance is one way to do this. It is nearly always cheaper to prevent or repair minor issues than it is to put things off until they have grown into much larger problems. For example, one corporate location replaced filters on air handles several times a year because of the buildup of debris on the fresh air shafts. When technicians recognized this problem, they devised a solution that kept debris away from the shafts, reducing the need to replace filters, and decreasing the maintenance cost.

Have you found other tips that worked well on your facilities? What's the best tactics you've discovered for reducing your maintenance cost?

3 Types of Water Damage Your Business Might Suffer During a Fire

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Water damage due to fire fighting in a Conroe,TX home

Dealing With The Aftermath Of Fire And Water Clean Up

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire at your Conroe,TX, business can be difficult. Smoke, fire and soot damage will likely be widespread, especially if the fire affected more than one floor of your building. Along with these other issues, you will likely be dealing with water cleanup, as it can come from several sources during and shortly after a fire:

1. The Sprinkler System

When a blaze first ignites, the heat and smoke will rise and trigger the building’s fire sprinkler system. The amount of water that sprays down from the sprinkler heads can be considerable and affect electronics such as laptops, office printers and internet routers. You may be able to salvage some of these systems during fire cleanup efforts, so set them aside until they can be inspected.

2. Damaged Plumbing

Depending on where the fire took place, you might find yourself facing considerable water cleanup from damaged plumbing, such as pipes that burst from the heat of the fire. Fires that start in an employee bathroom or the building’s basement can both cause plumbing mishaps. Ask your fire damage and cleanup service technicians about whether they can drain away the water before they tackle other types of restoration.

3. Fire Hoses

Firefighters’ hoses expel gallons of high-pressure water streams in the attempt to douse a blaze. In the aftermath, you will probably encounter large puddles of standing water. If water-damaged rooms are still intact, the water could make soot and smoke cleanup a challenge, as humidity levels in that area are likely to rise the longer moisture is present, and it can encourage mold growth as well. Having the water removed as soon as possible lowers the risk of long-term structural damage.

Cleaning up after a fire affects your Conroe,TX, business usually takes much time and effort. Understanding the restoration process, including water cleanup and where water might come from during a fire, can help you face the task with confidence.