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Commercial Mold Damage

8/15/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Mold Damage

Mold damage can be quite expensive. A significant portion of the population often thinks that mold is that small black growth that appears in the shower when it has not been cleaned for a while, or mold growth behind wall. However, mold growth is a serious problem when it spreads into and covers places like walls, basements, or floor. When the infestation is severe, the remediation process can incur a lot of money. Mold damage is caused by a fungi that grow in damp places with limited light and this is why mold may go unnoticeable at first. Mold removal can be an expensive task and this is why you should contact a mold restoration company immediately. The cost of removing the fungus through remediation will increase if you allow them time to spread further.

Fungi that cause damage at home

Fungi and other kinds of mold damage are known to cause an array of problems to households. One kind of mold damage is dry rot, a kind of wood decay caused by some fungi species that digest wood and deteriorate its stiffness and strength. Dry rot affects furniture and other wooden structures without an obvious source of moisture. Dry rot causes cracks on the wood, which becomes brittle and can ultimately crush into powder. The dry rot can cause serious problems and as such need immediate attention of a commercial mold damage services.

Mildew fungus is a close relative of the mold. You can distinguish between the two by physical color with mold growth appearing in colors of blue, black, and green while mildew is white. Mildew appears as a thin growth on organic matter such as wood, leather, or paper. Mold and mildew fungi produce some smelly odor, which makes the interior atmosphere unpleasant. Despite the distinguishing, many people often use mildew to refer to mold.

Factors that favor mold growth

Molds thrive well in certain conducive environments. Mold requires moisture to develop and the surrounding temperatures must be conducive, like mold growth behind wall. Mold a carbon source to draw nutrients and you will often find them growing on almost every surface. Mold spores are everywhere in the environment and mold in home occurs after a water damage, flooding or leaking pipes. The water used to extinguish fire encourages mold growth behind wall after fire damage. The result is a smelly odor that requires deodorization services. Avoid disturbing mold in home as this will help disperse the spores and aid spread mold to other parts. Mitigation is an important step after commercial mold damage services.

The benefits of professional mold removal

Prevention of risks

First, the remediation companies send their staff to inspect your home or commercial premise and determine the necessary action. Restoration companies have the right knowledge and equipment to handle black mold and others safely. They equip their staff with protective clothing against mold and the harsh chemical used. This way you do not have to worry about any accidents when removing mold in home or during commercial mold removal. They will also offer mitigation services.

Professionals can help clean the mold

The presence of any kind of mold including black mold can cause damages. Commercial mold damage and mold in home need appropriate cleanup to get rid of the growth. Mold spores can remain dormant for an extended period and resume growth when conditions are favorable. Dead mold is of concern because it gradually releases spores to the environment. Commercial mold damage companies can help cleanup mold damage without propagating mold spores. The services include deodorization that helps manage the bad odor. The restoration company helps isolate mold outbreak, terminate the spores, and prevent mold growth from recurring through their mold restoration company services.

Professionals help avoid the problem

Commercial mold removal services are conversant with the industrial standards on moisture and mold. They understand the EPA guide on moisture and mold in home. They also understand the IICR S520 guidelines on evaluation and indoor remediation of fungi. Professional restoration companies understand all the guidelines and are ready to help you maintain an internal environment that discourages growth of fungus and black mold. They know how to deodorization in order to get rid of the smelly odor. The restoration company will advise on the mitigation steps necessary to prevent future mold in home such as mold behind wall.

Mold disposal

Removed mold needs to be disposed in an efficient way. Improper disposal can cause the mold to spread and come back within a short period. Commercial mold removal services understand the best mitigation strategies against mold growth behind wall and will help dispose removed mold efficiently.

Act early

The fungus can rapidly grow on materials and the only way to eliminate them is by replacing the materials. This is a costly venture and a reason why you need to address mold growth immediately. You can end up spending a lot when fungus such as black mold and dry rot affect a large area. You can also spend more money in restoration if fungi infect and weaken structural parts like floors and walls. Much of this cost can be minimized through mitigation and prompt action. The bad smelly odor can be minimized through deodorization.
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