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Commercial and Residential Mold Removal

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial and Residential Mold Removal

Mold damage in the home and commercial mold damage is one of those pesky things that no one wants to experience.

However, it is a slow process that can be remedied by carrying out effective mold removal techniques after mitigation has taken place. The damage is caused when the mold in home or commercial mold damage spoils the appearance in a premise and produces a smelly odor. It is essentially brought by mold spores which grow where there is excess and consistent water and moisture which doesn’t dry. The presence of mildew and fungus comes before mold formation. Mold remediation is the process of getting rid of it through mold removal after mitigation has been carried out.

Process of mold remediation:
Professional technicians can rid your home or business of mold damage through mold remediation and mold removal by following the process:

1. Mold mitigation. This may be done by a professional especially.

2. Getting rid of the source of water or excess moisture prevents mildew and fungus from forming and this stops mold growth.

3. Segregation of the mold area. The area that has the mold in home or commercial mold damage should be identified for the mold remediation and mold removal to be done effectively.

4. Dust suppression: Dust should be kept separately. As the mixing of dust and water in a certain area is what leads to more mold and smelly odor.

5. The materials should be placed in plastic bags.

6. The area that has mold in home or commercial mold damage should be cleaned.

7. The area should be dried.

8. The mold should be removed.

9. The smelly odor can then be removed using deodorization techniques.

After the above mold remediation process is carried out, then mold clean up should be done.

Mold cleaning up:

1. The mold should be cleaned up by scrubbing with a solution of water and detergent.

2. One should ensure that they wear the correct gear before they clean up the mold. This includes goggles and gloves. This prevents the mold remover from being affected by airborne mold. Commercial mold damage should be removed by a professional.

3. The mold on walls should be wiped with a solution of water mixed with chlorine bleach. A brush with stiff bristles should be used to scrub the black area of the mold.

4. The area should then be rinsed using a dry rag until it is completely dry. The rags should be disposed of by throwing in plastic bags.

5. A dehumidifier should be used to ensure that the area is completely dry. Thereafter the smelly odor should be removed using deodorization.

The bathroom is one of the areas that often carry mold in home. This is because it is often wet and contains a lot of moisture. This mold can be removed by the following steps:

1. A mixture of hot water, soap, and baking soda should remove most of the mold after mitigation has been done. The area should be scrubbed using this solution.

2. A solution of water and bleach should be sprayed on the bathroom walls after the scrubbing is done.

3. The mixture should be allowed to dry before it is sprayed a second time and scrubbed using a stiff brush.

4. The area should be rinsed and allowed to dry completely. Deodorization may also be done.

To prevent the growth of mildew and fungus in the bathroom, one should always ensure that the area is always completely dry and moisture free. This can easily be done by drying the bathroom completely. The walls should be wiped with a clean and dry rag. The water on the floor should also be wiped thoroughly. Occasionally one should dry the bathroom completely. This can be done by using a squeegee to completely squeeze out the water. Fans or a dehumidifier should be allowed to run for up to 30 minutes to remove moisture and to deodorize. Gaps in the bathroom tiles should be completely sealed off using a grout sealer to moisture proof them and to prevent fungus and mildew from growing.Deodorization is a very effective way of preventing mold damage.
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