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Houston Home Safety: Deep Frying A Turkey Safely – 10 Tips

11/28/2016 (Permalink)

Houston Home Safety: Deep Frying A Turkey Safely – 10 Tips


Few things are as tasty, or as dangerous, as deep fried turkey. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, your locally owned and operated SERVPRO in Houston wants to provide you with 13 essential turkey frying safety tips. Following all of these safety tips can help you prevent fire damage to your home and injury.


  1. Turkey: When selecting a turkey for deep frying, smaller is better. Ideally, the turkey will be under 12 pounds, and totally thawed, and completely dry. Do not stuff the turkey, and if using a marinade, avoid any water-based marinades as flare ups and fires may occur.
  2. Oil: Selecting the right oil to fry your turkey is just as important as selecting the right turkey. Choose an oil that has a smoke point of at least 350F. Choices include peanut oil, refined canola oil, and corn oil. Remember, oils that are heated beyond their smoke point can catch fire.
  3. Location: Choosing the right spot to fry your Thanksgiving turkey is the most important step of all. To prevent any damage to buildings and fires, turkey frying must be done outside, a minimum of 10 feet away from any structure, and a minimum of 25 feet from any flammable liquids or vapors. Set the turkey fryer on a flat, level, and noncombustible surface. Suitable surfaces include brick, concrete, or dirt. It is never okay to deep fry a turkey on grass, asphalt, or wood decks. Additionally, do not place fryer below any eaves, or trees.
  4. Children & Pets: Select an area that can be kept secured from children, pets, and errant footballs or other toys. Safety first!
  5. Follow Manufacturer’s Directions Exactly: From setup and assembly to cooking and cleaning, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter to prevent a fire. Do not overfill the oil as it will ignite if it makes contact with the lit burner. Use a thermometer as instructed and never allow the oil to get above 350F or it may combust. If the oil begins to smoke, turn off the fryer immediately.
  6. Position Fire Extinguisher Within Reach: Keep a type BC or ABC Fire Extinguisher handy while operating the turkey fryer.
  7. Wear Protective Goggles and Oven Mitts: When lowering the turkey into the fryer, and when removing the turkey from the fryer, protect your eyes, hands, and arms. It is also advisable to wear closed-toed shoes in case hot oil drips.
  8. Get Comfortable: A turkey fryer must never be left unattended, even for a moment. Set up some comfortable chairs and get ready to settle in for the duration of the heating of the oil, and the frying.
  9. Turn Off Burner: Prior to lowering the turkey into the hot oil, turn off the burner. Prior to removing the turkey, turn off the burner. This safety step is essential to prevent a fire and injury.
  10. Watch The Weather. Be mindful of the weather, and at the first sign of any precipitation, turn off the burner, and place the lid on top of the pan. Wind also increases the chance for a turkey fryer fire, so be prepared to act swiftly.

In the event a fire happens, call 911 immediately. NEVER try to put out an oil or grease fire with water. NEVER! Use only fire extinguishers approved for oil and liquid combustibles, as mentioned above. If your home is damaged by a fire this holiday season, Houston SERVPRO’s expert team of fire restoration technicians can act quickly to restore your home to pre-damage conditions. We stand at the ready to assist our friends, neighbors, and community members when disaster strikes. If during the holiday season your home is harmed by Houston water damage, fire damage, or damage from a late season storm, call on us to start the cleanup process. We are available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. 


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