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Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Houston Business against Water Damage

5/22/2015 (Permalink)

You can do several things to protect your business against water damage.

Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Business against Water Damage 

Houston water damage can harm your business is many ways. It can destroy equipment, create health problems due to mold and corrode your merchandise or important documents. Water damage can even rot the structure of the building making it uninhabitable. You can do several things to protect your business against water damage.

Maintain Equipment and Appliances
The first step is to keep any appliances or pieces of equipment in the business in good condition. You want to inspect those items every month or two to see if water lines are wearing down, moisture is appearing on walls or puddles are forming underneath. If you find an issue, call a professional for repairs immediately.

Inspect the Plumbing and Act If Problems Are Found
Inspect the plumbing in your business regularly. You want to look for leaks, pipes that are wet or signs of rust and corrosion. You also want to watch for drains or toilets that are starting to slow down. Contact a plumber at the first sign of any problems to prevent water damage Houston.

Watch the Roof for Problems
A major potential entry point for water is the roof. Holes or cracks in the roof, fascia, decking or flashing could allow gallons of water inside every hour when it rains. This can slowly destroy the building and your business. Watch the roof and upper floors for leaks, cracks or stains caused by minor water damage. Bring in a roofing contractor fast if you find anything.

Schedule Annual Heating and Cooling Inspections
A commercial heating, ventilation and air condition, or HVAC, system generates a large amount of water. If there are even small problems with the system, then that water could be cycling back into your business. You must schedule annual inspections for your HVAC system from professionals with experience repairing commercial equipment.

Protect Pipes and Lines That Are Exposed To Cold Temperatures
Pipes and hoses that are going to be exposed to cold temperatures need to be protected. This usually means wrapping them in insulation. Alternately, you could install an electrical heating system that will keep the pipes above freezing. This is important because a single burst pipe could flood your entire business.

Install a Sump Pump
Install a sump pump in the lowest level of the building. A sump pump will activate automatically if water starts to pool on the ground. The pump can remove water fast and minimize any water damage Houston. If you have a large business property, then you might want to install multiple sump pumps.

Maintain the Exterior of the Business
Maintain the exterior of the business. You specifically want to take care of gutters, downspouts and any awnings protecting entryways. Those parts of the building divert water away from the foundation and walls. You should also look for and repair structural cracks or gaps to stop water from seeping inside.

Use a Leak Detection System
A final step is to use a leak detection system in your business. You can choose from an active or passive system. Both systems will sound an alert if excessive moisture is detected in a specific location. The active system is different because it will also close a valve automatically after detecting a problem.

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